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For Vanhoy brothers, football comes natural

Athletics are just natural to certain families.
The Vanhoys fall under this catergory.
“My family has had a ton of great athletes,” Coty Vanhoy said. “It was an influencing factor into getting me involved with sports.”
Vanhoy, a recent graduate from Unicoi County high school, lit up the highlight reels of the althetic programs for the Blue Devils throughout his career; coming away with specatular plays on the gridiron during the football season and grabs from centerfield while playing at Baxter Field.
“My parents were key to getting me started in sports,” Vanhoy explained. “They played and I wanted to follow along in their ways.”
Vanhoy capped off a successful run as a Blue Devil by helping aid the Unicoi County baseball program to a district and regional championship in the 2011 season, coming away one game shy from a state tournament berth.
“To this day I couldn’t tell you which sport I enjoy the most,” the proud member the Blue Nation said. “I love the game of baseball, but I also enjoyed the closeness of the teammates while playing football. It’s a tough choice.”
Blue Nation has another Vanhoy athlete in the making.
Say hello to Tanner.
“My brother (Coty) was what got me into playing sports,” 6-year-old, Tanner Vanhoy, said. “I want to follow in his footsteps.”
Tanner is following in the same path as older brother, Coty, getting into football and baseball at a young age and already showing what he can do on the gridiron and baseball diamond.
The bond shared between the two brothers continues to grow as they work together practicing, as the older Vanhoy eluded to. “I’m always working with him trying to make him a better athlete and a better person as well,” Coty said.
Coty’s advice for his younger brother: “Always keep your head up when your down and be humble when your on top.”
Baseball is where the boys seem to enjoy working the most together.
“(Coty) helps me alot,” Tanner said. “He’s helped me with my pitching, it means alot to me.”
Pitching was a speciality for the older Vanhoy during the baseball season, while manning the duties in certerfield, as well as coming away with key wins against opponents in the Three Rivers Conference during the regular season.
There’s motivation for the younger Vanhoy as well.
“I want to do what he did,” Tanner explained. “Like I said, he’s a great athlete and I really want to follow in his footsteps.”
The newest addition to the list of Vanhoy athletes seems to be in good hands behind the support of his big brother.
“I hope he does more while he’s at UCHS than I ever dreamed of accomplishing,” Coty said. “He’s very important me and I will always help him to do whatever he wants to do.”
The Vanhoy family line has had a thrill-seeking filled time with the older Vanhoy, and now the fun’s just beginning with Tanner, especially with the help from big brother Coty said, “I’ll always do what I can to help him beat big brother.”