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County all-star teams begin tournaments

By Curtis Carden
Sports Writer
[email protected]
It’s time for the players of the Unicoi County Little League to gear up for the all-star season.
League president and coach of the 9-10 softball team, Chris Bogart, said the fans will have some fun to expect come Wednesday, July 4.
“Girls 8-10 softball starts July 4 and it’ll be the only tournament we’ll host in Erwin during the all-star tournament,” Bogart said. “Games start at 4 p.m. and we’ll play first. The second game begins at 6:30 p.m.
“They’ll be competitive games, with our teams and the others playing during the night. It’ll be some fun softball and be fun to watch. People will be impressed by the quality of talent.”
Fans should expect some competitive games from both the softball and baseball all-star teams.
“We’ve got six teams this year and all the teams will keep the games competitive,” Bogart added. “A couple of teams even have a good shot for state. Our softball girls are experienced. The baseball teams are young, but are very talented.”
The all-star are in good hands, with six other coaches, including Bogart, handling the managing duties during the tournament season.
While Bogart will coach the 9-10 year-old softball team, Adam Clouse will handle the duties of the 9-10 year-old baseball team.
“Adam has a lot of experience,” Bogart said. “He’s been really helpful for the UCLL.”
A pair of Petersons will handle the 7-8 boys and girls, with Jason Peterson managing the softball team while Mike Peterson will handle the baseball team.
“This is Jason’s first year managing,” Bogart said. “He’s been around baseball for awhile and we’re excited to see what he can do. Mike’s been around ball for a good time and has done a good job in the major league division for us.”
The oldest group of kids, the 11-12 year-olds, will be handled by Travis Griffith and John Keasling. Keasling will manage the boys while Griffith will manage the girls.
“John’s been a member on the board for long time and has done a super job with the kids during his time with the league, and Travis has coached just about everywhere, at the high school and middle school level,” Bogart said
Times and schedules for the rest of the all-star season will be featured in the July 10 edition of The Erwin Record.
The boys and girls 7-8 year-old squads played on Friday, June 29. Scores of the contests are currently available on The Erwin Record’s Facebook page and will be featured in the next edition of The Erwin Record.