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Coach: ‘We were able to improve’

By Curtis Carden
Sports Writer
[email protected]
The Unicoi County High School football team threw on the pads for the first of two scrimmages to be held prior to the Three Rivers Conference Jamboree on Friday, Aug. 10, at Sullivan North High School.
The Blue Devils made the trip out to Mosheim to face the West Greene Buffaloes on Friday, Aug. 3. They will make the trip out to Seymour High School on Tuesday, Aug. 7, for their final scrimmage prior to the Three Rivers Conference Jamboree.
No official score was taken during Friday’s contest, with Mother Nature presumably coming out as the winner, prolonging the beginning of action after its projected 6 p.m. start time.
The game went to a point on being an unofficial 21-21 tie, until all members of each team had the opportunity to go on the field and receive valuable reps.
“The scrimmage went great,” head coach Jerad Huskins said. “We went over there and played real physical ball. It was a muddy and sloppy night, but our team really responded well. The West Greene coaching staff was very complimentary about how hard and physical we played.”
The main focus was to work on the running game and defend against the opposing running attack, Huskins said. He also said that the Blue Devil squad didn’t fail to live up to their coaches’ expectations.
“We went over there with two goals, stop the run and establish running the ball,” he added. “And we were able to improve in both of those goals quite a bit during the scrimmage.”
The squads spent the rainy afternoon scrimmaging for three hours and gained key experience for each of their respective seasons.
“It was a very productive night,” Huskins said. “We were able to get some things accomplished that’ll help us going forward in our scrimmage against Seymour on Tuesday, and the jamboree on Friday.”
Unicoi will face off against Seymour on the road at 6 p.m.