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Rebecca Black Langston

This is not an obituary, this is a warning. On behalf of Rebecca Black Langston, she can never be dead. Because I am still alive. Allow me to introduce myself, I am her daughter, Yumeka Creed Black Langston (Formally Bonnie Katherine Langston. Don’t worry, she still named me.)  Energy can never be created nor destroyed. There’s no need to say she’s passed. Do not be shocked or saddened by this news of her earthly body’s untimely death, she will live on. Through me and the memories many of you have of her. She is preceded in departure from this earthly plane by her father, William “The diesel doctor” Black and her mother, Betty Louise black. Left on earth are her sisters, Pamela Black-Bradshaw, Debbie Black, and Buffy Black, her brother in law, Lynn Bradshaw, her nephews, Austin Huskins and Joseph Black-Bradshaw, her “adopted” kids: Mara Buchanan, Prajna Mills, Ashley Adcock, Duncan Pritchard, and Kelsey Shell. And of course, me.

Pam: “Pam is my big sister, who always had my back. I could always count on that.”

She always knew that she would have backup for any kind of situation. She believed you to be her protector, her big sister, and her bodyguard. She also loved that you were so tough and she loved you for being you. Unconditionally.

Debbie: “You see that, baby? That is a powerful woman. Heads turn when she is around. I am so proud of her.”

She loved you like you were her twin. She not only loved you, but she respected you. I craved for the day she would call me a powerful woman and I could make her proud in ways only you did.

Buffy: “She is smart, a beautiful dancer, a lovely singer, beautiful, talented, and my baby sister.”

Sisterly issues aside, she would have done anything for you, given you anything you wanted, and protected you with her life.

Lynn: “My brother in law is the funniest man I know. He knows a lot too. He always has a great attitude and can fix anything.”

She knew she could always call you for anything she needed. You made her feel secure and she loved you.

Austin: “My favorite nephew. Seeing him graduate was surreal. It feels like just yesterday, I watched him be born. It feels like just yesterday I was holding onto him at family kingdom so he could ride the big boy rides.”

She could never say enough good, enough beautiful things about you. She loved you so much. She reminisced often about when we were both little.

Joseph: “My other favorite nephew. He grew up so fast. I want to see him succeed in ways we can only imagine. He has already made me so proud.”

She could describe your pretty blue eyes like a poet would describe only the bluest sea. You are so strong in her eyes. She believed you would get through any obstacle possible and she was right. She loved you and your humor.

Pauline “Pod” Linville: “Pod is my second momma. She’s been my momma all my life. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Pod Pod, momma loved you so much. She loved you with all her heart and soul. Every day she was grateful for you, every day she thanked God for you. You were her second momma, she meant that with every piece of her soul.

Aunt Kay: “Aunt Kay always watched over you at school, but before that, I remember riding my bike over to her house. I remember those long summer nights filled with fun and love.”

Aunt Marie: “Hot fudge cake was a staple. I miss prune cake. Can we make prune cake?”

We just talked about you last week. I never got to make her prune cake.

There’s many more aunts, many more family members, many more friends, but I’ve written all I can stand to, please forgive me. I’ve never had to do this before and I hoped I never would. This is my loneliest hour and my worst fear come true.

Family, I am doing my best. I barely have the ability to dwell on this. If you are not included or I didn’t write enough about you, it’s not because you were forgotten, it is because I am deeply broken without the other piece of my soul. Family and friends, please know I am doing the best I possibly can, in increments as long as I can stand. My Momma loved you all more than words could ever say anyway. So please, listen to the voice in the breeze, the one in your head, that you feel in your heart, and you will hear the words she would say about you. Take comfort in her love.

“My family has its problems, we’re not perfect, the only perfect one died on the cross. But they love me as I am and I love them as they are. We are whole.” -Momma

“Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.”


Condolences and memories may be shared with the family and viewed at or on our Facebook page at These arrangements are made especially for the family and friends of Rebecca Black Langston through Valley Funeral Home, 1085 N. Main Ave., Erwin, 423-743-9187.