A new drive-thru facility should help extend more convenience to citizens needing to do business at the Unicoi County Clerk’s office.

A new drive-thru location will offer Unicoi County residents a way to effectively renew and register vehicles.

“We do the simple stuff through the drive-thru,” said County Clerk Patty Treadway. “If they need to do something more complicated they will come inside the courthouse. We have a new set-up in the office for the driver’s license and what they need on a daily basis.”

Treadway noted that the new drive-thru is just across the street from the parking lot of the courthouse. The location is a drive-thru formerly operated by First Tennessee Bank.

According to Treadway, the drive-thru location opened for business on Tuesday, Jan. 10. 

“We do plan to do a grand opening in March where people can come into the office and see all the changes,” Treadway said. “This way they can get familiar with it. We will hand out favors, offer snacks and different things like that.”

The drive-thru is two-sided so customers can go to either side to be served. 

The drive-thru allows people to renew vehicle registration or register vehicles.

People can still visit the Clerk’s office in the Unicoi County Courthouse.

“If you come inside we can do the same things such as register cars, renew, we do tags, marriage and business licenses, notary applications and notarizations, and your typical clerk services in the office,” Treadway said.

Additionally, Treadway said they do driver’s licenses every day Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can only do renewals in the office. 

“We can’t do out of state or in state – they have to go to the DMV for that. But we do renewals,” she explained. “We can do address changes also. They don’t have to be living in Unicoi County to get their address changed. We can change their address here instead of having to go to another DMV to do it. If it’s anywhere in the state of Tennessee, we can do that.”

Treadway said that drive-thru hours are currently 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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