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Warriors Path State Park will offer a “real” hiking adventure with a climb up Rye Patch and Taylor Ridge, a rarely visited side of Holston Mountain.

The hike is scheduled for Saturday, May 27. Participants will explore high-country geology and mountain plant and animal communities while also being on the lookout for undocumented populations of some rare native orchid species.

This is a long and difficult 11-mile loop hike. Participants must be prepared for both rocky and swampy trails, steep climbs and the possibility of stinging nettles, thorny shrubs, black bears and venomous snakes. Anyone still wishing to take part should wear long pants and sturdy hiking footwear, and hikers are urged to bring rain gear and plenty of food and water.

Participants will meet at the park’s former pool parking lot to depart at 7:30 a.m. for the hourlong drive to the trailhead.

Preregistration is mandatory. Register at: reserve.tnstateparks.com/register/Rye-Patch-hiking-adventure-23.

To learn more, call park ranger Marty Silver at (423) 239-8531 or email him at Marty.Silver@tn.gov.


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