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Wright Stuff: Local teacher selected for state fellowship

A local teacher was recently granted the opportunity to take part in a unique fellowship with the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE).
Lori Ann Wright, the theatre arts instructor at Unicoi County High School, was chosen to participate in the Tennessee Educator Fellowship.
The program provides Tennessee teachers an opportunity to have a significant impact on state-level education policies. Essentially, Wright will have the opportunity to learn in an environment that will help further educate her about state education policy. She will attend training sessions in Nashville as well as online. The fellowship runs from August 2014 to June 2015.
As part of the program, Wright will be learning more about student-centered policies during in-person as well as online gatherings throughout the year.
She will be sharing information with teachers and others throughout the community through several mediums, including public speaking forums, blogs, newspapers and videos.
“I am the kind of person that likes to know the details of policies and programs, especially when it impacts students and my classroom,” said Wright. “I feel like this program will provide so much useful information and give me the chance to share what I learn.”
Wright learned about the program from one of her former students who sent her a link about the fellowship.
“He thought I would be a good choice for the program,” said Wright. “I researched the program and applied online. The application was mostly a series of short written responses on my beliefs and experiences as an educator and my academic qualifications.”
Wright said that applicants had to go through an extensive interview process. The program piqued her interest for several reasons. A major factor was communication.
“I applied for this program so that I can learn more about policies and learn more about the issues that impact my students,” said Wright. “I want to learn more so I can communicate these concepts to students, parents and community leaders in our region.”
Wright went on to say that communication and the basic sharing of ideas are key factors in planning successful strategies for the students.
“I love the idea of being a conduit for communication about education,” said Wright. “I am a people person so I can’t wait to glean everything I can from the training and education sessions and then go spread the word.”
Wright said that she was elated when she was chosen for the fellowship.
“I [am] truly excited and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the fellowship,” said Wright. “It is an honor to represent the Unicoi County School System, our region and our fine arts teachers.”