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UCHS theater students weave “Charlotte’s Web” performance

Theater arts students at Unicoi County High School performed the classic children’s story “Charlotte’s Web” earlier this month.
Among the 17-student cast were sophomore Jacob Allen, who played the role of Wilbur, the sweet and energetic pig. Allen was accompanied by Brooke Shelton in the role of Fern and Emma Weaver as Charlotte.
Other cast members were Troy Boone, Nick Carey, Justin Crews, Nathan Farnor, Josee Frodge, Kim Georgiadis, Seth Harris, Ashlee Hensley, Paige Higginbotham, Hunter Murray, Leeann Rice, Jen Shepstead, Leah Washburn, and Kelly Williams. Crew members were Autumn Briggs, Elizabeth Greenwell, David Johnson, Jacob Lantz, Brittney Marzette, Michaela Platt, Frankie Ramirez, Alicia Wannamaker and Sarah Young.
UCHS theater arts instructor Lori Ann Wright was thrilled with the students’ performances.
“I think the play was a great success,” Wright said. “I think the cast and crew worked great together and truly understood what the play was really about – friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.”
Cast members agreed.
“It was an honor playing Wilbur,” Allen said following the show, “but I couldn’t have done it without the rest of the crew.”
Brooke Shelton also pointed to a strong bond among cast and crew.
“I never thought ‘Charlotte’s Web’ could bring so many people together,” Shelton said. “These people are like family. I’m so thankful for the cast and crew.”
The play was based on a story by E.B. White and was adapted by Joseph Robinette. Students held seven performances including one for the public, one for UCHS students and performances for elementary students.