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Tattoo artist opens shop

The owner of Bigg Boyz celebrated the opening of his Erwin shop with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Feb. 27.
Award-winning tattoo artist Johnny Ozuna had opened his shop on Union Street two months prior, but inclement weather postponed the official ribbon cutting until Friday, Feb. 27.
“It’s great to see thriving businesses come into downtown,” Amanda Delp, executive director of the Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce said during the ceremony.
Ozuna is a native of Naples, Fla. He said Erwin’s small-town atmosphere drew him to the town.
“It’s a good change of scenery,” he said. “The actual economy up here is flowing a lot better than back in Florida. I have friends that own tattoo shops back home and they’re struggling some. I don’t see myself going back there. I love it up this way … My family loves it. I think this is it and this is where we want to stay.
“Everybody has been great. Everybody has been coming out and showing support. They’ve been coming by, seeing what I can do and they’re giving me a chance to show to everyone around here what I can do. Now that they have, a lot of people have seen that I am an award-winning artist from Florida. We specialize in photo-realism and anything you want. We’ll custom make your tattoo to satisfy you. We go beyond your expectations or try to anyways and for the most part we do.”
Cleanliness is also top priority, Ozuna said.
“We get here at 11 a.m., but we’re here for an hour to make sure everything is swept, mopped and thoroughly wiped down,” he said. “I’ve got OCD from the way I was trained to do this. I pride myself on cleanliness. It should be the big key factor in any tattoo shop. I make sure it’s cleaned three times a day.”
Bigg Boyz Tattoos & Piercing also prides itself in having a relaxing atmosphere for customers, Ozuna explained. While awaiting an art piece or piercing, furniture is in the front of the lobby. Television and internet are available.
Shop hours go from noon to midnight Tuesday through Saturday. Monday is reserved for appointments only.
If there are not a lot of people at midnight, doors will be locked, but any tattoos being finished will be completed even if goes until 5 a.m., Ozuna said.
To schedule an appointment, stop by during store hours or contact Bigg Boyz at 735-0616.
Any individual interested in seeing work performed by Ozuna is encouraged to stop by the shop or visit the Bigg Boyz Tattoos & Piercing Facebook page.