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Stout announces premiere for new show

Thanks to months of hard work and effort by one of Erwin’s own, along with his cast members, the red carpet and the aura of Hollywood will be coming to Elizabethton next month.
Everyone from all over the region are invited and encouraged to attend the premier showing of “THEM,” a show about a small farm town that begins experiencing a strange series of murders and disappearances following the appearance of a massive crater at the town’s primary farm.
The story follows two main characters: Luke Ashton and Gerald Hicks, both of whom leave town in the wake of several murders.
The entire process of making the show goes back to when it started in mid-2012. The show’s creator and director, Dalton Stout, a senior at Unicoi County High School and an aspiring magician, said the idea just came to him following one of his stunts.
“We kind of got a late start with school and everything,” said Stout. “Everything’s gone well up to this point and we’re ready for our pilot premier.”
The red carpet event will be held in Elizabethton at the PINE Room located within the Franklin Health & Fitness Center. The event is being advertised as a “black tie” formal event.
“We don’t normally get that sort of thing around here,” said Stout of the red carpet premier being in Appalachia as compared to Hollywood Boulevard. “We are going to be renting limos … the cast and crew will all be in attendance. It’s going to be great.”
The premier on Sept. 5 is a long-awaited day of celebration over a long period of work involving actors and crew from all over the region. Much of the show was filmed in Unicoi. Other parts were filmed in Elizabethton and Franklin, N.C. Some of the B Roll was shot in Lynn Valley. Stout said that a wide variety of ticket options are available for the event.
Children’s tickets are $10. Adult tickets are $12. VIP tickets are available for $17. Limo tickets are $20. The VIP tickets include front row seating for the screening as well as meet and greet time with the cast and crew. VIP ticketholders might also get access to some episodes early. For the limo ticket, you will get to go on a limousine tour with the cast and crew and will be shown different areas where the show was filmed.
The event itself will feature a disc jockey and dance session along with a live band. Guest speakers will be in attendance. The night gets underway around 7 p.m. and will run until 11 p.m. Those with a limo ticket will need to arrive at 6 p.m. for the limousine tour.
Stout said that he is hoping to have around 250 people in attendance. Ticket sales will close on Sept. 1.
Those interested in purchasing tickets or wanting more information can call 948-0686 or visit