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Rider begins fundraising campaign for new novel

A local author has turned to Kickstarter to “kick-start” her first novel into the hands of libraries, bookstores and readers.
For those who may not know, Kickstarter is a website specifically designed for crowd funding to help all sorts of projects get off the ground. It is the world’s largest funding platforms for creative projects.
Zoe Rider, or Z. Rider is an Erwin resident who is preparing to publish her first horror novel, “Suckers.” The official release date for the book is Feb. 17, 2015. However, supporters of the Kickstarter campaign can get copies in time for Christmas.
The book is about a group of musicians that decide to take a back route to get to their hotel, presumably following a concert. The band picks the wrong alley to travel down and one of the band members gets infected with a viral disease. As the infection spreads across the country, the realization is made that no one is safe from the deadly “Suckers.”
For those that support the Kickstarter campaign, rewards can include the ebook edition, signed paperbacks and signed limited edition hardcover copies of the book. The hard covers of the book are only available through the Kickstarter campaign and will not be offered for sale, even after the book is released. Supporters of the campaign will be mentioned in the acknowledgments in the back of the book.
A copy of the book will also be going to Ashley Davis. Davis is a professional editor who primarily works with horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and post-apocalyptic fiction. Davis has edited the likes of New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Maberry and H.M. Ward in addition to multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee Jeff Strand.
The cover art for the book was designed by award-winning
To support the Kickstarter campaign, folks can visit the following URL where more information is also available:
Those interested can also visit Rider’s personal website at Those who visit the website will find that Rider is blogging the experience of publishing her book, which is also her first horror novel.
Rider believes that fear is a ‘powerful and universal emotion’ and that ‘our fears are inexorably bound to all that we stand to lose, from the mundane to the most precious.’
As of Monday afternoon, 21 days remain in the Kickstarter campaign. “Suckers’ is being self-published, but I believe the story, quality of writing and the quality of production competes with books coming