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Quilt show underway at Keesecker's

Heritage is currently on display at Keesecker Appliance, Furniture & Flooring on Main Avenue in downtown Erwin.
The business is hosting its fourth annual quilt show to go along with the upcoming Apple Festival, which will be held the first weekend in October.
Quilts went on the wall on Aug. 27 and will remain on display until Oct. 9, according to Ben McNabb, owner of Keesecker’s.
“We really call this the Jo Starnes quilt show,” McNabb said with a laugh. “Just because she and her quilting group, have been the ones here that showcase the most. Jo and I got together about four years ago to get things planned.”
The opportunity was something hard to pass up after discussing the endeavor, McNabb said.
“Number one, it is something good for us to put on the walls,” he added, motioning to the walls in the store. “It just makes this place look so much better. It brings more people into our store. It also showcases her artwork. (Jo’s) so happy to do it just because these tall ceilings are able to showcase these queen-sized quilts that she never gets to see in full view. Hanging it up on a wall makes it look so much more different than laying it on a bed. It just showcases their expertise and artistry.
“It gives us opportunities to have people see the store and have people see Jo and the other ladies’ pieces of work. I sort of hate it when the quilts come down because it makes our walls look so naked. It is neat to have and I don’t see us not having it unless she decides to stop.”
The quilt show is just one of the different endeavors the business takes part in during the year, according to McNabb.
“We try to do things like this, a lot,” McNabb said. “Every semester, we’ve hosted an art show for advanced arts class at the high school for the past two years. We allow them to come down here to show their work. There’s probably about 15-20 other things that are local, heritage-type arts and crafts events that we can do.”
The ability of showcasing the history and heritage is something that McNabb has been an avid supporter of, and the different events in Unicoi County only help things moving forward, he said.
“That’s one thing I always wanted to do,” McNabb added. “I wanted to open it up, for the community, and open things up for the folks in town. It means more to me to have that type of stuff up on our walls than some other stuff I could try to sell.”
Different pieces of art will be sold during the time before the October deadline for the quilts to come down off the walls.
“We are going to have some pieces for sell,” McNabb said. “These aren’t factory made – they’re handmade. I know if she hasn’t sold any quilts before the Apple Festival, they will be sold during the Apple Festival.”