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Publisher Mark A. Stevens discusses his upcoming departure from The Erwin Record

On July 4, 1997, Amy and I pulled up in front of The Erwin Record’s office on Gay Street in Erwin, and I knew one thing – my life was about to change dramatically.
I stepped out of the car, went up to the glass door and peered inside. This could be my new workplace, I thought.
“Should we do it?” I asked Amy. She looked at me, pride pumping her heart, and said, “Baby, you have got to do it.”
I knew I did.
I wanted to be editor of The Erwin Record more than anything I had ever wanted in my life, and the owners of the company had said it could be mine – if I wanted it.
I knew I did.
More than 13 years have passed since that Independence Day where I stood outside The Erwin Record and looked through a locked glass door at what my dreams looked like in brick and mortar. My image reflected back in the glass, and, yes, I could see myself beginning a new life at The Erwin Record.
But with every beginning, there is also an ending. And that time has come for me and my hours, days and years at this very fine newspaper.
Over the next few weeks, I will wrap up my career as editor and publisher of The Erwin Record. It’s a fact I’ve known now for several weeks – since before Christmas, really, when my wife, Amy, accepted a job in Lafayette, La.
Like that day in July 1997, choosing to pack up and move to Louisiana was a joint decision, but, this time, the roles were reversed.
Sitting in front of our computer, Amy looked at the job offer she had been given from LHC Group, whose management team was offering an opportunity Amy had dreamed about for years – to head the marketing efforts for a national company.
“Should we do it?” Amy asked me. And I searched deep down inside me for the answer.
Amy would have said no to the offer had I only said the word, but my mind kept going back to Independence Day 1997 when she took my hand, kissed me and told me to leave my self-doubts behind and become a great editor for a great newspaper.
There at the computer this past December, she looked at me, her own uncertainty and anticipation now pumping her heart, and I said, “Baby, you have got to do it.”
I knew she did – just like I knew I did all those years ago.
And I’ve known for more than 16 years that my life is to be by Amy’s side.
I’ve been one of the luckiest people in the whole wide world. I got the chance to work at my dream job when I was only 28 years old, and it’s been amazing every single day here at The Erwin Record.
But it doesn’t compare one little bit to my life with Amy, and she’s embarking on her own new adventure. And I want to go along on the journey.