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Pool Pals: Event brings friends together

There was a trial run for a new fundraiser on Friday, Feb. 13, according to Tonia Cook of the Unicoi County Senior Adult Center, but it turned out to be a bonding moment for members of the community.
The facility hosted the fundraiser with a $5 donation for individuals to play pool from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
“All the money raised goes to the operating cost of the facility,” Cook explained. “We sort of did this as a trial run to see how everything goes. We wanted it to be a way for residents and non-members to have a good time. This is also a way to give people in the community a chance to see what’s going on in the center.”
Among the billiards enthusiasts in attendance, friends Terry Shealy and Carlyle Love were able to take to the table and continue a tradition they say began during their teenage years at a local pool hall.
“Carlyle is the best player around and I’d say I’m right there behind him,” Shealy said with a smile. “Anytime there’s a pool table, we’ll be there. We’ve been going at it since we were young and I say we’ll keep going until we can’t anymore.
“You couldn’t ask for a better guy than Carlyle. Everyone respects him and he’s definitely the best around.”
Love and Shealy were among the first five to take part in the event, with Roger Young, Merle Light and Charles W. McConnell.
“We just want everybody to know that we’re the best around,” Young said with a chuckle.
James E. Dickerson was another participant during the evening.
Dickerson assists with USA raft and is bit of a craftsman, mentioning his work with leather.
“We’re on this earth to be the best we can be,” he said. “We’re also here to help others. The good Lord has me on the world still so he’s still using me for something.”