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Poet's Corner: Look Out the Window

by Gloria Casteel

Spring is calling my attention
As I see flowers poke through their heads
Some spiral tall and triumphant, then
bow low heavy heads
Some plants are stunted and come slowly
yet, the soil is all the same
But, quite frankly, something is lacking
Now to assist them is my aim
A little fertilizer is a starting, lots of water,
some tender care
More soil added with extra nutrients
Now that should help them to aspire
To grow into the beauty intended for this
flower to show its best
To exhibit to all creation, arrayed in
all its perfect dress
We are privileged to be a caretaker
to the needy everyday
to help them grow to their fullest
Spreading sunshine along the way
Seasons bring to mind reflections
of the blessings life can bring
Life, health, sickness and death
then the seasons begin again
We can help to treat the soil
Plant and water as we can
Stand back to see the finished product
God provided from His plan –
before creation.