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Metcalf retires after 12 years of service at Town Hall

Town of Erwin officials hosted a special ceremony on Friday, June 19, to honor Janice Metcalf, who retired after 12 years of service as the town’s administrative assistant.
Members of different organizations within Erwin greeted Metcalf and took part in the event. After an opening lunch, different officials took to center stage of the meeting room at town hall to share memories of Metcalf.
“I’ve known Janice for many years,” Erwin Mayor Doris Hensley said. “We started our careers together at First Tennessee Bank before many of these gentlemen were even born yet. She has worked for the town of Erwin for 12 years.
“It has always been a pleasure to work with her. She always had a positive attitude and greeted you with a smile. We’re going to miss her, she sort of holds everything together. She has a common effect when everything gets out of hand.”
Metcalf was able to do a superb job during her years as an administrative assistant, Hensley added.
“Her skills are outstanding,” she said. “Since she has been the administrative assistant, we’ve had flawless audits. Her capabilities are more than superior … She’s been excellent for the town.”