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Flag Pond residents Flossie and Grady Bailey have achieved something many married couples may never experience in their lifetime.
Flossie, 92 and Grady, 91 were married in Greeneville, Tenn., on Nov. 23, 1940 and this year will have been married for 73 years.
But it was their currently 72 years of marriage that prompted their son Pascal to nominate them for the Longest Married Couple award through a faith-based marriage enrichment program called Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME).
WWME officials came to the Bailey’s home recently to announce they had won the certificate.
Grady said he enjoyed having them visit and honor them with the award.
“It was great to have something like that given to us,” Flossie said. “I’m proud of it.”
Currently residing in a home along a portion of Higgins Creek, Flossie said they bought the property in 1950.
She said she remembers carrying her children around the mountains and enjoyed cooking while Grady was working in the logging industry in the earlier years of their marriage.
“We just worked and did the best we could. Times were hard back then,” Flossie said. “We just worked hard and went on. We lived in a little shack.”
Working hard meant working together and Flossie remembers working together the most while they were farming in East Tennessee.
“When we were farming we worked good together,” Flossie said.
She also remembers digging up roots to sell and picking strawberries and blueberries with Grady.
“We used to get out and dig roots,” Flossie said. “We would wash them and sell them when we were first married. We would find a strawberry patch and he’d make a bark bucket and he’d pick it full of strawberries while I sat in the shade and capped them.”

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