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Local teens participate in Tri-Cities Bridal Show

Woody Woodruff, a Johnson City photographer, for the third year came to Unicoi County to find willing teenagers to participate in the 26th annual Tri-Cities Bridal Show, held recently at Freedom Hall.
The teenagers he chose are all students at Unicoi County High School. For the first time, Woodruff asked not only for models but also for the Air Force Junior ROTC unit to participate in the patriotic-themed event.
The ROTC unit sent 12 of its best cadets. The cadets were broken into two teams, a color guard team and a saber team.
Aaron Wright, senior, Sarah Young, senior, Katie Edwards, senior, Vanesa Tipton, sophomore, Cristobal Razo, sophomore, and Calvin Sams, sophomore, made up the color guard team.
The saber team included: Tyler Neblett, senior, Ryan Roark, junior, Austin Rice, sophomore,  John Dixion, sophomore, John Bailey, freshman, and Chance Parker, freshman.
Maj. Steven Re, Air Force Junior ROTC instructor, said he was honored Woodruff asked for the ROTC’s participation.
“We were honored to be chosen to participate in the bridal show,” Re said. “Woody could have gone to any other ROTC unit in the region, but he asked us to represent the military. All of the cadets represented the school extremely well. We had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that watched. Overall, we were glad to be part of a great show.”
The models selected by Woodruff from UCHS were Dakota Reynolds, Alexa Parsley and Cheyenne Delffs.
Reynolds, a senior, modeled a short dress from Princess Diaries. She hopes to participate in the annual bridal show in the coming years. 
“It was a good experience, and I had a lot of fun,” she said.
Parsley, a sophomore, has modeled in the Tri-Cities bridal show for the last three years.
“Every year we do something different at the show,” she said. “My first year, a bunch of UCHS students did a show together modeling prom attire. Woody liked it so much that he had us do that again last year. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that this year due to the weather. We had little time to practice, so we didn’t have time to choreograph  the show that we normally would do. There is always next year!”
Delffs, also a sophomore, is also a veteran of the Tri-Cities Bridal Show.
This was her second year being a model for Woodruff. “I had a lot of fun,” she said. Although Delffs does not want to be a professional model, she says, “I cant wait to do it next year.”