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Local singer reaches national audience

Singing just comes naturally for Unicoi County native Teresa Masters and people from across the United States now have a chance to hear Masters’ voice.
Masters recently told The Erwin Record that her single, “I Got Mercy,” aired on national radio.
“It really hasn’t sunk in,” Masters said. “I’m not a great singer and I find it hard to believe anyone would want to even listen to my songs, but I love it. Seeing my CD on the music websites for purchase is overwhelming. For me, I feel like it is a kiss from God. It has touched the right people and that is what it is all about.”
Masters said that she takes joy in singing, but doesn’t plan to make a career out of it.
“I don’t really look at my music as a career,” she added. “Singing has always brought me such joy. When singing God’s praises, it takes me to such a happy place that I can’t help but feel I’m in God’s perfect will for my life.
“We should always strive to take our worship of God to a new level, she continued. “After all, it is all about him. I just want to be the best I can be for him. If singing is what he wants me to do, then that is what I’ll do.”
Masters signed with Tate Music Company, based out of Oklahoma. It was a surprising turn of events for the local singer once she got the call to sign.
“I sent my demo to them and actually forgot about it,” she said. “A year later, they called me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Supporting their artists is their top priority and they’ve been very supportive of me. They supply their artists with publicity for any event, help with marketing of a CD and answer any questions they may have.”
Tate Music Company isn’t the only line of support, Masters added, who credited her family as the source that propels her singing aspirations.
“My husband, Larry, is great and very supportive of my music,” she said. “I’m sure he gets tired of hearing me, but is still so sweet about it.
“I have him at the point now that when I break out into song, he’ll join in with me,” Masters added with a laugh. “When I get together with my family, they always request me to sing. This always gives me great pleasure because it is an opportunity for me to witness to them in song.”
The ride has been fun so far, but it’s about praising God, according to Masters.
“I don’t really have an agenda for anything,” she said. “I’m just taking it one day at a time. I will go where I feel God is sending me, and do what he’s leading me into. He is first in my life. If God’s not in my music, then I’m not either. I feel so blessed he’s opened this door for me. If this doesn’t work out, it just means he has something better in store for me. My desire is to use my talents for him.”
Masters’ CD is available for purchase locally at Jones Hardware.
Tate Music Company is also is the process of supplying the CD for online purchase at Rhapsody, iTunes and Amazon.
For more information of Masters’ future plans, visit the Facebook page: I Got Mercy Teresa Masters.