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Kitty Kart: Woman builds wheelchair for paralyzed cat

A second chance makes Kyrako an extraordinary feline.
At just six weeks old, he plays and is full of life like any another kitten, but that nearly came to a halt two weeks ago across the state line.
“He was a rescue from North Carolina,” Shiloh Mattos said. “Kyrako was about to be put down by his owner before someone I know brought him back to Hampton then they contacted me.”
It was an interesting situation for Mattos. Kyrako had the same playful demeanor as he does today, but his back legs were paralyzed, which was caused by the former owner.
It was then, with the help of local businesses, Mattos was able to orchestrate a plan to help the kitten regain his ability to walk.
“I stopped by Ace Hardware to see what I would need to make a wheelchair,” she explained. “They gave me PVC pipes and other materials, and they didn’t charge. They were willing to help and it was awesome to see the reaction they had for Kyrako.”
Step one was in place.
The base homemade wheelchair was created into a spot where it was almost ready, but a harness was needed to allow Kyrako to sit in the chair.
“I stopped by Erwin Pets,” Mattos said, “and asked them what would be the best idea for a harness. The harnesses used for his chair are the mats used for sugar gliders. They were very helpful when I stopped by.”
From that point on, it was all about good, old-fashioned construction – and the help of two Barbie wheels from Mattos’ daughter, that shaped the new wheelchair that Kyrako uses.
“He fought it a lot at first,” Mattos said. “He’s still a kitten so I know it kind of freaked him out, but he’s been adjusting to it better each day.”
Nowadays, Mattos said, you can see Kyrako rolling his way around their house, playing like any other kitten.
Kyrako also has friends, including a rescue dog Mattos owns.