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Gazebo arrives on site of Kiwanis Park project

An important piece of the Kiwanis Park fell into place this week, as workers placed the first structure on the site.
Builders assembled a wooden gazebo pavilion near the linear trail pathway, giving a sense of activity to the three-year project.
Kiwanis member and project official Sarah Bailey said it was important to show the public the project is moving forward, and she said the gazebo is a good symbol of that idea.
“Hopefully seeing a piece will get people excited,” Bailey said.
Bailey herself was excited, as she explained the importance of the first structure and the future plans for the site.
“We’re hoping to get two to three more large pieces within the month,” Bailey said.
She said the park will cater to many different age and needs groups, saying different pieces are designed for each child’s needs.
She also thanked the town of Erwin for its help with the project. Town workers leveled the land and placed gravel under the gazebo.
She also said town workers will help with paving pathways and clearing brush.
“They have a huge stake in this project too,” Bailey said.
Upon completion of the project, maintenance and use of the park will revert to town control.
Bailey said she hopes to see substantial progress on the park in the coming months, and she hopes to have a Kiwanis workday in the next few weeks.