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Fred Hollier shares experiences in World War II memoir

Get your gear on we’re moving out again.
The song recited from Marines during their times sailing in the Pacific was uttered by Fred Hollier, Sr. who recently penned a personal memoir documenting his journey from his time joining with the Marine Corps in Texas and throughout World War II in the 1940s.
With it being a family keepsake, the memoir isn’t available for purchase but Fred lightheartedly added he already has an actor pegged for a cinematic adventure.
“He joked around about it and said that Clint Eastwood would play him in the movie,” Paul, Fred’s son, said.
Paul is a veteran in his own right with his brother, Fred Hollier Jr., and the military linage from their father saw that he had different experiences during his time serving in the Pacific.
This time of the year celebrating Independence Day is special for Hollier, especially with the military pedigree.
“It is extremely important for us,” Paul said in an interview with The Erwin Record. “… To recognize the veterans during this time of the year. Just about everyone in the family served. Our great grandfather, father, brother and I served in the Air Force. I appreciate all their service.”
The idea of starting a memoir came from the recommendation of family members.
“Some of us in the family thought it would be good for him to write down his experiences,” Paul said. “My wife typed it up and talked about all his experiences.”
Highlighting different aspects of World War II, the memoir included his journey that shifted from boot camp in San Diego, California to spending time in Australia, which Hollier stated that individuals treated soldiers better than their own.
Included was a battle in the Pacific with Japanese forces on Okinawa that began with making landfall on Easter Sunday in 1945.
Hollier Sr. was a member of G Company 2nd Battalion 5th Regiment 1st Marine Division that included a heavy fire fight with forces.
In the memoir, Fred mentioned that his memoir was titled “The Day I Saw Jesus” after being wounded from taking the hill. He was shot with morphine and patched up before heading to the battalion field hospital.
“You may ask me if I prayed while I was on top of the hill,” Hollier said in an excerpt from the memoir. “Well you can bet your last dollar that Fred Hollier, Sr. sure did.”
After recuperating on the hospital ship named “Solace”, Fred stated he was on Guam when the atom bomb was dropped on Aug. 7, 1945 in Japan.
With the war ending, Hollier went on to graduate from the United States Marine Corps on October 28, 1945 and received his discharge certificate.
The memoir also added a bit of background on Fred’s first encounter with June Louise Ross. After spotting her at St. Mary’s Church three pews away, he wrote, Fred’s sister, Dora, introduced the two and they wedded on Sept. 1, 1946, and as he mentioned in his memoir, the introduction “… was one of the best things that was ever to happen to me.”