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Erwin Pets opens on Jackson Love Highway

A store catering to small pets is among the newest offerings to the Erwin area.
Erwin Pets, located on Jackson Love Highway next door to Unicoi County Insurance, looks to fill a void of supplying small animals and pet supplies for members of the community.
The business started with a silent opening on Dec. 28 that was followed up by a loud instance of support, owner Randy Thomas said.
“It has been wonderful so far,” Thomas added. “We didn’t want a grand opening because we want to get to know everybody, explain the store to them and answer questions … we need one-on-one, so we just opened low key and just let people wander in.
“It’s exploded, word-of-mouth has been fantastic. It wasn’t our approach, we didn’t know that is how it would turn out, but it has. We’re excited about the direction of the store.”
Erwin Pets does not sell cats or dogs due to space limitations, according to Thomas, while a bevy of birds, fishes, reptiles and small animals, including guineas, are available for purchase.
It wasn’t the first location projected for the store, Thomas added.
“Things happened but this opened up for us,” he said. “We found this place and, come to find out, it was closer to turnkey for us to set up the equipment and everything compared to the other place. Sometimes fate goes your way.”
A store-goer even took time to compliment the service provided by Thomas and his family, stating: “Since they’ve opened up, they have been so helpful.”
Erwin Pets is open every day through the week. “Every time we come in, we turn on the light,” he said.
Businesses hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Erwin Pets is also open on Sunday, 1 to 6 p.m.
Individuals can contact the store at 735-7600 or by Facebook page at “Erwin Pets.”