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Deaderick releases latest book in “Lost Cove” series

Author Tom Deaderick recently released, “Flightspawn,” the fourth book in his “Lost Cove” series. The books are set in and around Erwin. (Contributed photo)

By Richard Rourk

Authors have a way of taking their readers to new places and make those new places begin to seem familiar to the reader.

Author Tom Deaderick has created a very familiar setting for his “Lost Cove” series. The four-book series takes place in the present day and future Town of Erwin.

“I grew up reading Stephen King novels, and his books center around a fictional place called Castle Rock,” Deaderick told The Erwin Record. “I created a fictional world over existing locations in Erwin.”

Deaderick lives in Jonesborough with his wife Martha. According to Deaderick, he is influenced by his Christian faith while writing science fiction.

Deaderick’s “Lost Cove” series features four books. “Flightsuit” is the first book in the series. Originally released in 2013 it tells the story of a young, poor Appalachian boy who finds the remains of a spacesuit. The boy, named Leo, and others are led by the spacesuit on a collision course with alien entities.

“Flightpack” is the follow up to “Flightsuit.” “Flightpack” follows Leo as he has to go to Area 51 to retrieve a flightpack to make it back to space to win an epic battle.

In the third installment of the “Lost Cove” series, Deaderick jumps to a new character three years after the events of “Flightpack.” “The Lazarus Spear,” follows a man named Hogan as he discovers a spear that holds great power.

Deaderick who is an avid hiker and geocacher, hid two spears along the Appalachian Trail and left clues for his readers of how to find them.

“I had such a great response and so many made the trip to find the spears that I included many of them in the final book of the series,” Deaderick said.

Steven McDevitt, Charles McDevitt, Kathy Knowland, Pete Knowland, Charles DeVries, Dennis Atkins and Ruth Atkins all made it into “Flightspawn,” which is the fourth book in the “Lost Cove” series. The Atkins’ dog Toby made into the book as well.

“Flightspawn,” takes place in the future and monsters now roam the mountains of East Tennessee. A small group tries to free the people from the monsters.

All four books are available at While reading Deaderick’s books, you can check out for locations to points of interest from the stories. You can also learn more about Deaderick and his other stories at