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Crowe celebrates 100 years

By Allen Rau  |  Special to The Erwin Record

Erwin resident Edna Crowe recently celebrated her 100th birthday more energetically than most folks at any age.

Russell Brackins was one of the many friends who celebrated Edna Crowe’s 100th birthday with her last week at the Clinchfield Senior Adult Center. (Contributed photo)

Her family and friends threw three separate parties for her: one at the Clinchfield Senior Center, one at her church, Trinity Freewill Baptist Church, and one with her family. In fact, there were so many celebrations that Crowe said she was still busy stacking up presents.

Born Aug. 8, 1918, Crowe began her journey in the heart of the Appalachians.

“West Virginia was my birthplace. Marmet, West Virginia.”

Born to Theodore and Clarah Clark, Crowe said, “I could even claim that I was a coal miner’s daughter. I was born to a coal miner and my mother was a country school teacher.

“When I was about 30, my husband joined the military and we traveled all over for 23 years.”

Her husband, William Crowe, was a veteran of the Army and the Air Force during World War II and Korea and led the family across the United States. While most may not enjoy picking up and starting over in a new place, Crowe said she came to enjoy moving.

“We lived all over. In Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania,” she said. “Oh yes, I did (enjoy moving different places). And in the meantime, I had four children who traveled with me.”

While she spent a large portion of life moving to different places, she finally settled down in Erwin in 1994.

“I lived with my son in Texas and he was transferred here,” she said.

Crowe joined the Clinchfield Senior Adult Center very soon after her move to Erwin.

“I’ve made so many wonderful friends when I joined the Senior Center,” she said. “I came immediately and joined up.”

While she joined the center in 1994, she retains her independence and vivacious nature, living in an apartment while maintaining her links to the Senior Center.

Crowe also continues to pursue her hobbies, one of which is sure to please anyone lucky enough to get a dinner invitation.

“I love to make desserts. Cakes, pies, puddings, jello, casserole, oh, everything,” she said.

While making desserts may be a favorite hobby of other folks as well, her other specialty is certainly more unique.

“They tell me I’m famous for the baskets I make,” Crowe said. “They call me the ‘Basket Lady.’ I can make baskets out of greeting cards.”

If you ever wander down Union Street past the Clinchfield Senior Center, you may look in and get a glance of Edna Crowe. She may be reading a Western novel or watching a John Wayne movie or perhaps “Gunsmoke.”

And then think of what her daughter, Linda Purchase, said of her mother: “The Lord has blessed her immensely.”