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Clothing shop in downtown Erwin

The love of consignment and resale shops spurred the creation of one shop right in the heart of downtown Erwin.
Jessica Laws and husband, William, opened up Coi’s Closet in July and have hit the ground running by providing different types of clothing and other items to the public.
“I have three kids of my own,” Laws said. “I know how quickly they go through clothing. I’ve been buying gently used clothes from consignment stores and consignment sales in nearby cities for years.”
It was the response by members of the community that led her in the opening of the shop, Laws added.
“I heard ‘I don’t want to drive out of town to shop’,” she said. “And, ‘there ought to be one in our hometown’. I finally told that to my husband and he said ‘start one, then’ … two months later, Coi’s was born.”
The name of the facility represents the last three letters in Unicoi, Jessica said, saying that she did not initially look to seek out a building in downtown Erwin.
“But when I did, I fell in love,” she added. “The owners and the previous renter had made it beautiful, so literally all I had to do was move in.”
Coi’s is a one-stop-shop for different type of items for children, and adults as well.
“My first inventory was whatever was infant and child related that people brought to me to trade,” she said. “I’m paying attention to the things people like to shop for and actively searching for it more as time goes on. For example, by popular request, I’m getting ready to get in some affordable, brand new clothing for women and hopefully some women’s jewelry. I’m also looking into affordable boutique options for children.
“The bulk of what I’ve done these first two months, however, are trades,” Laws continued. “People can bring smoke and strain free clothing and child related items and I’ll offer them credit they can use in the store. It is all about balance and meeting the needs of traders and shoppers, and I’m learning as time goes on.”
With a little over two months of work under her belt, Laws said that her regular customers are the best to assist.
“The people that come see me on a regular basis are amazing,” she said. “I love the relationships we are building here. I've had several people tell me that coming to Coi's is the first time they have been downtown in a long time, and it makes me happy to offer, not only some great merchandise at amazing prices, but also to be part of something bigger than myself as people see this gorgeous old building and share memories and make new ones here.”
Social media has also helped with exposure of the store, Laws added. The store has a Facebook page.
“Social media has made a big impact for Coi’s,” she said. “I have a full-time job as a teacher and often have to message people and correspond online. I do contests and post pictures of some new items we get on Facebook, especially. Because I have two jobs and three kids, I find it easier to keep in touch by text or email.”
Laws added the best means of contact are by email at [email protected] or by stopping by the shop on Saturdays.
“I just recently changed my hours and couldn’t be more excited about the response,” she said. “Shopping hours are now from noon to 6 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday, and trade-ins can be scheduled Sunday-Tuesday by appointment. Anyone can bring me a trade-in anytime we are open, but I might not be there to process it right then, so if not, you can leave it and I’ll get back with the individual as soon as possible.”