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Clothing ministry moves to Main Avenue location

The Erwin Church of God’s clothing ministry is still going strong after a busy first year.
After receiving support from across Unicoi County, the growth of the ministry allowed the church to open up a shop on North Main Avenue in Erwin. The shop, called the Red Rock Resale Shop, provides clothing for those going through hard times, as well as serving as a thrift store.
“A year ago, we had several fires in a row,” said John Edwards, pastor of the Erwin Church of God, about the start of the ministry. “We noticed the community was excited to donate to the people going through a tough time, but there wasn’t one place to donate to. The clothes were getting to people, but going through different places.
“The Lord called it upon our hearts to start up the clothing ministry. We are in a lower-income area and we started the ministry and received great feedback.”
The outpouring of support nearly caused the ministry to stop, Edwards added, with clothes starting to pile up at the church.
“The clothes started to take up the church,” Edwards said with a laugh. “And even my car. It was at the point of where we either needed to expand or stop the ministry and our church voted to continue.”
With the vote, Red Rock Resale Shop opened its doors on Thursday, Sept. 10, Edwards said.
According to the Red Rock Resale Shop Facebook, page on Thursday, Sept. 17, the facility had been able to assist five families in two days due to donations.
“If you are looking to help serve your community, but don’t have the time to volunteer, here is a wish list of things we are in need of,” the post read.
Items individuals can donate include boys jeans (sizes 4, 5 and 6), underwear and diapers in all sizes, money for baby formula, baby wipes, shopping baskets, garment racks, hangers and cold weather items (blankets, snuggies and new thermal clothing).
The church is not making a profit off the store, Edwards added. Any funds earned at the store are used to pay for the overhead of the building rent.
“The emphasis of the store is to work together with other businesses,” Edwards said. “We’re not here to be any competition to other stores, we just want to a be a blessing to the community.”
Red Rock Resale Shop hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Donations are also accepted during store hours.
Edwards said that clothes go through a referral base from different organizations or people from the community can stop by and speak to Edwards or call 743-9455, for more information.
Individuals can also visit for more information.