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Brodeo opens on Carolina Avenue

A new business has opened on Carolina Avenue in Erwin that plans to provide customers with food as fans head to and leave local sporting events.
The Brodeo concession stand opened up during the last week in June, said Savanna Harrington. Savanna and husband, Michael, created the concession stand and it is operated by their daughters, Dominique and Miklynn.
From their first day of operations to the present, Brodeo has seen business pick up, Harrington added.
“We’re starting to get regular customers now,” she said. “At first, it started off as a snow cone shack, but we started to offer pork sandwiches and in the winter we’re going to be serving soup and other foods.”
Brodeo hopes to be involved with the high school athletic scene moving forward, Harrington added, including offering special discounts to customers who sport a Blue Devil T-shirt or other gear.
“The feedback so far has been good,” Savanna said. “We’ve not heard anything bad and everyone has been great that’s stopped by.”
Savanna and Michael got things started, but Dominique and Miklynn are learning the entrepreneur ways while in high school and are spearheading the effort of the stand.
Brodeo is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and features a drive-thru window for orders.