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Bailey earns 'Gold Award'

Kortney Bailey, a Unicoi County Girl Scout, has reached the pinnacle of the program – she has earned the Gold Award.
On Sunday, Oct. 5, her friends and family gathered at Unicoi United Methodist Church to recognize her for the honor she received.
According to her scout leaders, compassion is something that Bailey, a junior at Unicoi County High School, has never lacked.
“It’s been amazing to watch her,” said Renea Jones-Rogers, one of Bailey’s leaders at Girl Scout Troop 210. “Her leadership skills were always noticeable at a young age. She would always step up to the plate and it was her compassion … she always had a special place in her heart for the homeless.”
The Girl Scouts’ Gold Award is the equivalent to the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout Award. The Gold Award requires at least 80 hours of work to achieve.
“She was always very disciplined to be able to add this in with her other activities,” said Jones-Rogers.
Her other Girl Scout leader agreed.
“It was a joy to have Kortney; she was always very dependable,” said Cyndi Caudle. “She would do anything we asked her to do. She wasn’t just there to have fun, it was about something more.”
Bailey was presented with a cake and special key chain at the event. She also presented a PowerPoint presentation, outlining some of her work over the years, including the blood drive she recently organized.
As for Bailey herself, she believes that being a part of the Scouts taught her many useful skills and attributes that will benefit her for the rest of her life. She believes the Girl Scouts has helped her with organizational skills and public speaking abilities, just to name a few.
“It’s really exciting because so few people have done it,” said Bailey about the award. “[Girl Scouts] was always something where you could go and have fun with your friends while helping the community.
“Even though some of us have different personalities, we always found ways to always work together.”
Bailey’s mother, Shelley, was proud and happy that her daughter was being recognized for her work.
“We’re very proud of her,” she said. “We are always looking forward to what she is going to do next. She is an amazing young lady.”