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BELIEVE it……..we're approaching the end of the School St home build journey AND as always we need “helping hands” to finish up our “ROAD TO COMPLETION” or from the Caseys' (our partner family) perspective, scheduling their home closing and the House Dedication. Both of which have been tentatively set for the third week in March.

SO we have a “short” but detailed list of things to complete and we NEED HELP! For the next three Saturdays from 9am to 4pm we'll be at the site completing all remaining items. Check your calendars and see if you, family, friends are available to lend your HANDS to finish this HOME…..March 1, 8 and 15. In addition we will be scheduling week days and will post these dates by the end of each week.

Work list for this Saturday: Complete trim out of attic access and pocket door; complete installation of one closet door, install door knobs; install closet shelving; attach vanity mirrors; attach house numbers; put up street side mailbox; pack up and move to storage units all construction materials from home interior; begin installation of flooring for main living area; connect drain line; install crawl space door; install front porch lattice.

The following Saturdays will focus on cabinet, counter tops and appliance installation, landscaping…..planting and sowing grass seeds, mulching and laying out straw to cover freshly laid grass seeds and FINAL clean up in preparation for the home dedication.

Again WANTED HELPING HANDS! Call or a quick email reply and let me know when you are available…….423-330-6357 or 404-226-1968 (cell) or [email protected] Pre registering ensures that we get the lunch count to our great volunteers who prepare MEALS for the BUILD each and every week.

Quick note: If you are under 18 and have not previously registered with us, you'll need to have a waiver signed by parents or legal guardian prior to working on the site.

Hope to hear from and see you.

Gloria Mouton