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Updated election results

Results from early voting, absentee voting, Fishery precinct, Temple Hill precinct and the Intermediate School precinct have been released by the Unicoi County Election Commission.

In the race for Unicoi County Mayor: incumbent Greg Lynch has received 1,085 votes; independent candidate Larry Rose has received 1,065 votes.

In the race for the three seats in the 2nd District on the Unicoi County Commission Kenneth Garland received 521 votes; Jason Harris received 468 votes; Glenn White received 571 votes; Rob Martin received 235 votes; and Richard A. “Rick” Smith 194 votes.

In the race for Unicoi County School Board in the 1st District: Garland “Bubba” Evely received 410 votes; Victor Price received 233 votes; and Cathy Thomas received 249 votes.

In the race for Unicoi County School Board in the 3rd District: Dwight Bennett has received 387 votes; Troy Clark received 154 votes; Norman D. O'Dell has received 240 votes; and Steve Willis has received 317 votes.

In the race for Tennessee House 4th Representative District, John B. Holsclaw, Jr., has received 949 votes; Judy R. Veeneman has received 877 votes.

8:57 p.m.