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Unicoi BMA discusses pedestrian safety

The Town of Unicoi Board of Mayor and Alderman held its monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 17. Before the start of the meeting, new aldermen Phil Hensley and Kathy Bullen were sworn into their positions by Mayor Johnny Lynch.
The board continued its discussion on employee and visitor safety in the town hall parking lot. Town Recorder Larry Rea said that the town currently has “No Thru-Traffic” signs installed at each side of the property.
Rea said that vehicles have been cutting through the town hall parking lot at a high-rate of speed in order to avoid the stop sign at Unicoi Drive. The vehicles passing through the lot pose a serious safety issue to pedestrians, said Rea.
“We currently have ‘No Thru-Traffic’ signs at the front and rear of the property,” said Rea. “If we are going to keep them there, we will need to pass an ordinance.”
In addition, the town has currently installed a barricade at one entrance that prevents vehicles from passing through. The board discussed installing some traffic control devices in the parking lot that will reduce speed of vehicles passing through.
“We need to do some more studying,” said Mayor Lynch. “We’ll just continue looking into it and we’ll do something.”
In other business, the board presented a resolution to sponsor the Soil Conservation Service Tree Day which is held each year. The board pledged $300 to sponsor the event to help purchase trees.
The board also held the second and final reading of Ordinance 2014-236, which deals with the removal of dilapidated signs. The ordinance gives the town more ability to remove old signage that no longer serve any purpose or directive.