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UCSD seizes moonshine still

A suspected burglary led to the discovery of a moonshine still by the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday, Dec. 18.
According to Chief Deputy Frank Rogers, officers were dispatched to 136 Old Mill Creek Road to respond to a possible home burglary.
“The caretaker, who was a neighbor, believed someone had broken into the house and could still be inside,” Rogers said. “She was watching the home for a resident who is out of the state. When the caretaker went to check on the house, she found that a window screen had been removed and a partially open window. There were indicators that a burglary could have occurred.”
Rogers said he and Administrative Assistant Craig Masters responded to the scene, found the scene as the caretaker had described it and entered the home. The pair searched the house, but found no one inside.
“We left the inside of the residence and began to secure the outside of the house,” Rogers said. “We found a basement door where the padlock was not locked. The caretaker indicated that there was valuable property stored there and requested we check it.
“The lock was not locked. We entered and began to clear the basement. That is where we located the still.”
Rogers said officers then “switched gears” and began an investigation into a moonshine manufacturing operation.
“We procured a search warrant for the recovery of the steal,” Rogers continued. “A search warrant was issued and the still is what we recovered.”
Rogers said no moonshine was found. The property owner has been contacted. His name has not been released by investigators.
“The investigation is ongoing,” Rogers said. “Moonshine has been produced in the still, but I can’t say if it had been produced in the still at that location. We are still investigating.
“I am confident that the investigation will yield charges at least for possession of a moonshine still, which is a misdemeanor in the state of Tennessee.