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UCSD: Four conspired to sneak drugs into jail

A drug investigation by the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department led to the arrest of four individuals, two of which were inmates, who allegedly conspired to bring drugs into the Unicoi County Jail.
According to a news release from Sheriff Mike Hensley, a phone call reportedly arranging the delivery of drugs to the jail was recorded by officers.a
“The investigation began after investigators monitored a phone call between an inmate and one of the co-conspirators,” Hensley said. “During the call one of the inmates was describing how to disassemble a wristwatch and conceal contraband inside. Inmates are allowed to have a watch while in jail and on this event prisoners had come up with the idea to slip drugs past the guards by concealing them inside of the watch.”
Investigators began surveillance on Thursday, Nov. 20, of the drop box outside the jail which is provided for individuals to leave items for prisoners. According to Hensley, on that day, Michelle Hallum, 29, 211 Oak Hills Circle, #18, Johnson City, was observed dropping an item in the drop box.
“Investigators asked her during a traffic stop immediately afterwards what she had deposited and she stated, ‘A watch,’,” Hensley said. “Investigators examined the watch at which point drugs were found hidden inside.”
An affidavit of complaint filed by the department states that the drug was suboxone, which is a schedule III controlled substance.
The passenger in the car with Hallum was Michael A. Tucker, 31, 766 Old Sevierville Highway, Newport, Tenn. Tucker was identified by investigators as the male caller who had allegedly agreed to package the drugs inside the watch.
Inmates Jeffery Jones, 26, 2805 Hazel Road, Strawberry Plains, Tenn., and Richard Gray, 25, 2012 Sartain Springs Road, White Pine, Tenn., have been identified as the inmates who were reportedly part of the conspiracy to bring drugs into the jail.
“All four individuals have been charged with two felony offenses, including the introduction of drugs into a penal facility, as well as a conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal facility,” Hensley said.