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UCHS exams postponed until 2011

With two snow storms and an ice storm leaving treacherous conditions and school cancellations in their wake, administrators at Unicoi County High School were left with no other alternative than to postpone end-of-course exams until the first of the year.
According to UCHS Principal Becky Love, students were able to complete their state-mandated AYP exams during the two days school was in session after the first snow storm that swept the county Dec. 6. However, the EOCs given in non-tested areas will be postponed until Jan. 4. Those tests will account for 20 percent of the students’ final semester average.
“The tests will be given the second day back (after winter break),” Love said. “We come back on Jan. 3. Once teachers come back, if they need more time, we will look at that. When students come back, teachers will have a review day and give tests on the following day. Then, students will move on to their second semester courses.”
At this point, Unicoi County has used eight of its 10 snow day allotments, missing three days during the first snow storm and a full week during the last snow and ice storm. With only two days left, the county now faces two more months of winter. However, Love said she hopes the weather will be kind in January and February so administrators will not have to add days onto the end of the year, but also so valuable instructional time will not be lost during the second semester.
“There’s always that concern,” Love said. “In past years, we’ve had bad weather in December but none in January and February. We have no control over the weather, but I hope January and February will be kinder to us this year.”
If the school system does exceed its allotment of school days, Love said Director of Schools Denise Brown can work with the state’s Department of Education to make necessary adjustments to the school calendar.
Love was also able to report that hard work from administrators, teachers and students paid off, as they were able to complete their state mandated tests during the small window of time school was in session between snow storms.
“We were able to give state-mandated EOC AYPs last week,” Love said. “These tests are for all other courses. They are more like teacher-made final exams. We were one of the lucky (school systems), and we were able to double up and gave (state-mandated AYP exams) in two days.”
And after receiving about half of the quick score reports for the EOCs, Love said she is pleased with the initial results. However, the state’s official scores will not be released until January.
“(The scores) look good,” Love said. “Everyone has done an outstanding job. Our students have worked hard, and our teachers are doing likewise by differentiating instruction. They are all working hard on college and career benchmarks in all courses to get our students prepared for life after high school.”
For more information about test scheduling, call UCHS at 743-1632.