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Tanker overturns

One firefighter with the Southside Volunteer Fire Department was injured and transported to Johnson City Medical Center following an accident on Temple Hill Road, in which the 1993 GMC fire tanker she had been driving flipped onto its side.
Megan Griffith, a firefighter with SVFD, was responding to a fire call in the Temple Hill community, along with a unit from the Unicoi Volunteer Fire Department last Thursday, June 23, SVFD board chairman Jimmy Erwin said.
When first-responders at the scene of the house fire got control of the blaze, which was caused by faulty wiring, they radioed Griffith to let her know she was no longer needed at the scene. Griffith turned around to return the tanker to the fire department.
On the way back, Griffith followed the second unit from UVFD. Her truck veered off the shoulder on the right-hand side of the road. By the time she was able to correct the vehicle back toward the left, the truck had struck the guard rail, which sent it tumbling onto its side.
The tanker came to rest on its side at the entrance to River Road, and Griffith was able to crawl out of the truck on her own. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.
Griffith was treated for minor injuries at the scene of the accident and kept overnight at the Johnson City Medical Center for observation. She was released the following day.
The Tennessee Highway Patrol handled the incident and cited no violations on Griffith’s part, Erwin said Monday. He said the fire department’s insurance company totaled the wrecked truck and added it would be up to the insurance company and the department’s coverage to determine the best way to replace the vehicle.
Erwin said Griffith would probably return to full, active status with the SVFD within 10 days, after being released to work by her doctors.