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Stores bring increase in tax revenue to town

The Town of Unicoi has been enjoying the benefits of the new liquor stores as the increase in liquor tax revenue has opened the door for new projects.
“There are several taxes associated with any kind of liquor,” said Town of Unicoi recorder Larry Rea. “The distributors themselves must pay the Town of Unicoi directly.
Along with a state beer tax, there is also a mixed drink tax and a wholesale alcohol tax. All the proceeds from both taxes go back into the Town of Unicoi.
For the last four months of 2013, the Town of Unicoi calculated the amount granted back to them. The mixed drink tax for the last four months yielded a total of $3,782.54.
The mixed drink tax has two parts. The wholesale amount came out to a total of $2,021 while the state-shared tax made up the remaining amount.

For the remainder of this article please see the February 12, 2014 edition of The Erwin Record.