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Snowy weather keeps road crews busy

The last few weeks have been nothing short of full-blast winter for residents of Erwin and Unicoi County. Consequently, the Unicoi County Highway Department has been as busy as ever this winter season keeping the roads cleared and maintained for motorists.
“We haven’t had a year like this since 1996,” said Unicoi County Highway Department Superintendent Terry Haynes. “Last year we only had to use around 780 tons of salt altogether. So far this year, we’ve already gone through nearly 400 tons.”
The brutal cold over the last few weeks has certainly forced the Highway Department to dig a bit deeper into the salt bins than they’re accustomed to, but even still, Haynes is confident that the department will be ready should another cold spell move in. The salt bins have already been refilled and the salt trucks have all received maintenance since their last sortie.
The Unicoi County Highway Department works hard to maintain the roads, but they get help from many other entities as well, such as the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department and the town of Erwin itself.

For the remainder of this story please see the January 22, 2014 edition of The Erwin Record.