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Sidewalk event winners announced

Prize winners have been announced from the Saturday, Sept. 18, Merchants Sidewalk Sale.
Louella Lane was the winner of the gift from Roller Pharmacy; Franklin Thomas and Milburn Kirkpatrick each won a $50 savings bond from Mountain Commerce Bank; Hawg-N-Dawg T-shirts were won by Aidyn Evely and Sandy Doughty. The Choo-Choo Café dinner for two was won by Don and Eva Pfaender.
Judy Sorensen was the winner of a $25 gift certificate from Valley Beautiful Antique Mall, and Lisa Honeycutt won a $25 gift certificate from Plant Palace.
The $25 gift certificate from Main Street Mall was won by Gail Randolph.
Winners of gifts from Variety Antique Shop were Tammy Patten and Andrew Allen, and the gift certificate winner for Keesecker Appliance and Furniture was Alvin King.