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Senior Center Health Screening

The senior center’s
2013 Community Health
Fair will be Thursday,
June 6, from 8-11 a.m.,
at the senior center, 220
Union S t. T he s creenings
and consultations,
which are available for all
age groups, are free with
the exception of the blood
screening, the Heart-
Coach services, and the
osteoporosis screening.
Doctors expected to be
available for free consultations
and/or screenings:
Dr. Ryan Chatelain – p odiatrist;
Dr. Bruce Abkes
– ear, nose and throat; Dr.
Jason Cunningham, DDS
– sleep apnea dental option;
Dr. Shannon Myers
– chiropractor, and Shanna
Peterson, FNP.
Health professionals
who will be available for
free screenings: Dr. Abkes
– hearing evaluation and
ear irrigation; Francisco
Borquez, Erwin Physical
Therapy – foot pain
and numbness; Shanna
Peterson, FNP – Peterson
Family Healthcare;
Lisa Mullins – Sleep
Evaluation Center; Kim
Nielsen – Allergy, Asthma
& Sinus Center; Derek
Flack – dementia virtual
experience; Star Ibis-
Meigs – chair massage;
N.E. TN Regional Health
Dept. – mouth and gum;
Lincare – lung function;
Walgreen’s Pharmacy –
medication consultation;
Unicoi County Memorial
Hospital – blood pressure
screening; MSHA Medical
Staff – heart attack
and stroke symptoms;
Walmart Vision Center –
vision screening; and U.T
Agricultural Extension
Service – body mass index.
Unicoi County Memorial
Hospital will offer the
Executive Profi le comprehensive
blood screening,
which provides a 2-page
analysis of approximately
40 blood factors, for $35.
The PSA test will be $17,
or both tests for $46. The
UCMH tests require no
food or drink after midnight.
The ETSU Osteoporosis
mobile unit will be
on-site for bone density
screening for a fee of $30.
Call the senior center to
schedule an appointment.
The MSHA HeartCoach
mobile unit will be on the
parking lot at the corner
of Union Street and Elm
Avenue. Technicians will
test for heart/vascular
disease and stroke with
scans for carotid artery
disease, aneurysm, and
peripheral artery disease,
screenings for cholesterol,
blood pressure, blood
glucose and consultation
with a health professional.
The cost of these
screenings, which takes
about 45 minutes, is $125.
Vascular screening only is
$65 and echocardiogram
only is $65. For a Heart-
Coach appointment, call
1-800-888-5551. For the
HeartCoach blood work,
do not eat or drink for 6 –
8 hours prior. Snacks will
be available following the
A reminder about our
exercise classes at the senior
center activity building:
Light aerobics with instructor
Lise Hechemovich
each Thursday, 11:30
a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; Tai Chi
with Bob Hechemovich
each Friday from 11 a.m.
to noon. The fee for each
class is $4 per session; senior
center membership
is not required for these
For additional information,
visit the senior center
at 220 Union St., Erwin
or call 743-5111, Monday
through Friday, 8 a.m. to
4 p.m.