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Sen. Blackburn meets with local leaders during Erwin visit

Erwin Record Photo by Ty Butler • Sen. Blackburn said that meetings with local officials often result in great ideas for legislation. The senator visited Erwin on Thursday, Aug. 18.

By Ty Butler

U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R. Tenn.) recently made a stop in Erwin during her annual initiative to visit each of Tennessee’s 95 counties, which encompassed a closed meeting on Thursday, Aug. 18, between the senator and numerous local official and community leaders.

Blackburn arrived at the Unicoi County Courthouse early Thursday evening to discuss various issues, on the basis that the fostered discussions would be classified “off the record,” meaning that the conversations were to be closed from public consumption.

In a post-meeting interview, Blackburn spoke with The Erwin Record about the reason behind her political journey across the state.

“This is where we come to find out how we best help each and every single community and county,” Blackburn told The Erwin Record. “I visit with each county every year, and there are great ideas for legislation that come out of these meetings.”

Blackburn also spoke about her ongoing battle with “big tech,” stating that her agenda to hold social media platforms liable for privacy invasions involving children has been a rewarding one.

“One of the things I’ve enjoyed working on the most has been the most difficult, and that is holding big tech accountable for the privacy invasions, data mining, the way that they have invaded the privacy of children, and the way that apps like TikTok really put children in touch with predators and drug dealers,” said Blackburn.

The senator explained that her future ambitions encompass her desire to moderate federal government spending and get the process under control.

“By legislation that would require two thirds of the majority to pass the spending bill during times of high inflation, freezing federal employment, federal salaries, federal spending,” said Blackburn. “Those are ways to get a good benchmark so you can hold people accountable for how they’re spending taxpayer dollars,”

When asked about her thoughts on the county, Blackburn told The Erwin Record, “I love Unicoi County, and I love coming back. The downtown is looking great.”

Blackburn was elected to the U.S. Senate on Nov. 6, 2018, after defeating Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen by 242,033 votes.

The senator, whose six-year term extends through 2025, is not up for election in November.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida are among the 34 total contested U.S. Senate seats in this year’s federal elections.

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