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Second line OK’d for restart at NFS

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has authorized Nuclear Fuel Services to restart a second production line.
NRC Public Affairs Officer Joey Ledford told The Erwin Record Wednesday afternoon that the Erwin-based company could officially restart its uranium metal/oxide process line.
NFS had requested, Ledford said, on April 26 for permission to restart that line.
Ledford said an NRC team conducted an assessment and determined the company had met all the criteria as set forth in an affirmative action letter issued earlier this year.
“In other words,” Ledford said, “the NRC has determined NFS has done everything needed and able to operate the line in safe and effective manner.”
After two incidents in 2009, NFS voluntarily shuttered its entire production while the NRC and the facility itself conducted reviews.
The company’s naval fuel line was the first to go back online.