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Schools preparing for student testing soon

A Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) testing window has been announced
for third through eighth graders from April 30 through May 4, said Denise Brown, director of schools.
She also said high school would begin end-of-course exams May 1-4.

The endof-course exams have a make-up testing day built into the scheduled days. So, depending on a student’s attendance during testing they will either complete the testing on May 3 or May 4, which is the make-up day. According to Brown, the state mandates that the schools test 95% of students at the high school. “We really encourage, if someone is not sick, that they are there on those days,” Brown said. Algebra I and II, history and English I and II are all subjects tested by the end-of-course exams, said Brown.

The No Child Left Behind Act waiver that was granted to Tennessee is something the school system
is looking forward to utilizing this year with TCAP testing.

For the remainder of this article please pick up the March 13th edition of The Erwin Record.