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Sales Tax Holiday relief begins Aug. 2nd

Tennessee’s annual
Sales Tax Holiday, which
is set to begin on August 2,
will “stimulate sales while
providing consumers
some much needed sales
tax relief,” said Senator
Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson
The holiday will begin
at 12:01 a.m. on Friday
and end at 11:59 pm on
Sunday, August 4. Crowe
co-sponsored the Sales
Tax Holiday law which
was approved by the Tennessee
General Assembly
in 2005.
“The holiday provides
a good way to stimulate
sales for local businesses,
while providing citizens
sales tax relief, especially
parents who are getting
their students ready for
the school year,” said Senator
Crowe. “Although the
holiday is geared toward
back to school needs, you
don’t have to be a student
to get the sales tax relief.
The holiday applies to
clothing and many other
items, which helps consumers
of any age.”

For the remainder of this article please see the July 30, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.