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Roe in town hall meeting: Jobs key to other issues

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe held a town hall meeting Monday morning to address Unicoi County residents’ concerns and his views on health care, immigration and the economy.
“We are allowing the citizens to come up, and, really, they’re the ones I want to hear,” Roe said.
One of the main concerns of the meeting was the question of jobs, and Roe said jobs create solutions to the problems he was talking about.
“People need a job – if you’ve got a job, health care (problems) and other things won’t happen,” Roe said.
When asked about health care, Roe questioned why he and his fellow doctors in Congress were not asked about health-care reform, saying his requests to “go over it” with the Obama administration went unanswered.
Roe said the president said he would go over health-care reform “line-by-line” with interested parties, but Roe said he never received a response.
“We would call, then send a letter, call them, send a letter – we did this 12 times,” Roe said.
When he was asked about immigration, Roe said the 14th Amendment may need to be “looked at a little closer,” with regard to naturalized citizens. The 14th Amendment notes that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”
He used Korea as an example of reform by relating that wall to the proposed walling of the U.S. southern border. “Our Southern border is open,” Roe said.
Roe said learning what the majority of his constituents wants him to do makes his decisions easy.
“If I find out what a huge majority of people in this district want me to do and they are behind you – it makes it easy to go and debate those things out on the House floor,” Roe said.
Roe said because of the political climate, he expects a large voter turnout this fall.