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Rocky Fork at ‘the finish line’

Thanks to an additional $5 million in its Fiscal Year 2012 budget, the U.S. Forest Service will secure some of the last of a total of about 9,700 acres in the Rocky Fork area of Unicoi and Greene counties, Ralph Knoll of The Conservation Fund said last week.
“We were able to do that because Congress was fortunate enough to put money in the budget because this was such an important project,” said Knoll. “This allows us to really do the last conveyances of Rocky Fork to the Forest Service.” Knoll said the tract is about 1,200 acres. “We’re hoping to close on that in the next 60 days,” he said.
The first closing at Rocky Fork was in late 2008, said Knoll.
“Since 2008, pretty much on an annual basis, we have been conveying additional properties to the Forest Service.”
“With this last $5 million from the Forest Service, we will have reached that mark,” he said. “We’re finally just across the finish line.”

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