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Rep: Rebranding of IGA store will create new jobs

The IGA grocery store on Jackson-Love Highway in Erwin will soon be undergoing a rebranding into Price Less Foods.
Starting after Thanksgiving, the store will temporarily close while the rebranding takes place. It is scheduled to reopen around Dec. 8. According to Brandon Jones, marketing coordinator for Houchens Industries, the biggest thing customers will notice will be the drastic change in prices and the savings.
“The concept [of Price Less] is totally different compared to a conventional grocery store,” said Jones. “The price that the customer sees on the shelf is the same as what it cost to put the item on the shelf.”
According to Jones, the way a store like Price Less operates is much different to similar stores. Many grocery stores mark down “hot items” and put them on sale. While the customer might save money on that particular item, the store is forced to raise the prices on other items to still generate a profit.
“With Price Less, the prices on items will be the same price every single day throughout the entire year,” said Jones. “The customer only pays 10 percent more at checkout. We have the same price model every single day … people don’t have to wait for something to go on sale, they can expect the same consistent low price every single day.”
The rebranding will also be creating jobs. Jones said that the store will look to hire 10 to 15 additional employees as part of the rebranding.
The store itself will not see many internal changes. Jones said that customers can still expect to see the in-house butchers and much of the merchandise in its familiar location. Many of the name-brand products will still be available.
Price Less Foods has already established itself around the community with stores in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Morristown among others.
“People will walk in and think ‘Hey, this looks like a regular grocery store’ until they see the prices; that’s the difference here,” said Jones.
Those interested in learning more about Price Less Foods as a company may do so by visiting