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Relay team’s mascot to frequent lawns in new fundraising effort

Unicoi County residents could be waking up to an interesting sight in their front lawns this summer. When they peep out their windows, the life-sized robot named “Hope,” which served as team mascot for the Mission Possible Relay For Life team this year, could be smiling back at them.
Hope was originally conceived by Mission Possible to go along with a futuristic theme selected by the team. The robot was also worn by team member Shannon Parkey, who won an award at the Relay for Best Costume.
The Relay has now come and gone, but team members have decided to continue using Hope in their fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.
If Hope is placed in a citizen’s yard, that citizen is asked to make a voluntary donation of $10 to have the robot removed. A perk offered to citizens who donate is that they may then choose whose yard to send Hope to next.
Organizer Doreen Parkey said she hopes to be able to place the robot in a new yard every two days or so throughout the summer in an effort to generate funds for the Society.
Parkey said she feels the fundraiser, which is similar to “flamingo flocking” fundraisers, will catch on and grow in popularity as it progresses throughout the summer season.
There will be a sign hung around the robot’s neck with instructions to call Parkey to come and pick it up and move it to the next yard.
Penny Hicks, an employee at the Unicoi County Courthouse, came up with the idea for “keeping Hope alive” and volunteered to host the robot first.
But where Hope ends up next is anyone’s guess.