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Protecting monuments goal of project

The monuments at the Veterans Memorial Park in Erwin will soon be protected from rain and the elements thanks to a new project to build an awning to cover the concrete plaza.
“We’ve noticed over the last several years that the monuments are being deteriorated by water,” said Terry Haynes.
The rain and weather have taken their toll on the relatively unprotected monuments. Haynes said that the concrete is beginning to crack and names on the monuments themselves are beginning to fade.
Haynes said that he, Bill Hensley and a few others went up to Roan Mountain to see a similar park set up at that location. The damage to those monuments had been even worse but Haynes said that once they were covered up with awnings, the damage being done subsided almost overnight.
“We’re hoping that’s all that’s going on here,” said Haynes. “When they put those awnings on, it immediately took care of the issue.”
The awning will be an octagon-shaped structure that will completely cover the memorial. The cost of the project will be around $25,000. The entire project is being funded through donations. Around $7,000 has been raised so far and donations continue to file in at a steady rate. Haynes encourages everyone to donate, especially if they know someone who might be represented on the monument.
“We’ve got to have money to work with,” said Haynes. “Perhaps if someone has a loved one on there and they want to make a special donation … We’ve got to have money to get the project going. The sooner we get the money for this project, the sooner we get this project done.”
Haynes said that they are still actively looking to get started on the project while donations are being raised. Duncan Mechanical and Tysinger, Hampton & Partners have given some of their time to the project. Haynes said that work should begin “as soon as the blueprints are ready.”
Haynes also wanted to express his appreciation to Urban American Legion for coming onboard.
Those interested in donating to the project may do so by dropping off donations at the Unicoi County Highway Department or at Erwin Town Hall.