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Plan sets venue for Love Chapel school

Twelve pods to be located near Unicoi County Intermediate School will serve as the new placement for Love Chapel Elementary school students, faculty and staff.
The action plan was approved at the Unicoi County Board of Education meeting on Thursday, March 14.
Unicoi County Director of Schools Denise Brown speculates students will be going to school at this location for at least three years while the board works to find more answers to the sinkhole issue surrounding the school.
“We are looking at leasing those for three years to give us time to plan for the next steps as we work through this as a board,” Brown said.
The twelve pods will house 24 classrooms, a library, a computer lab, dining hall, administration offices and a nurse’s station.
“There will be walkways that will join those that will be covered,” Brown said.
“We will have to do some sidewalks out front and then we will have to do a minimal amount of parking for our visitors and make sure we are handicap accessible there.
“We will also have enough space to do a playground off to the side,” she said.
No cost total is associated with the plan yet, but Brown said Thursday the bidding process for construction of the modular buildings and any site prep work would begin as soon as the plan was approved.
The insurance company had not responded to Brown’s request for information about coverage of the relocation cost as of Thursday.
“They are responsible for the relocation cost of what we will have to do for the relocation,” Brown said.
After further inquiry from board member Rene Jones-Rogers, Brown said their attorney agrees the insurance company is responsible.

For the remainder of this article please see the March 19, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.